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Innovation in Audio Romance

We are committed to staying one step ahead in the exciting world of Audiobooks by listening to authors so that we can bring their words to life. 

Dark Star romance audiobooks

The Passionate fusion of

medly mesmerizing fascinating


and compelling voices.

stories and compelling voices.

Dark Star is a company born of the love for great stories, beautifully told. At Dark Star we’re all fans of beautiful (and sexy, spicy and yes, taboo) love stories, and the authors who create them. Our narrators are part of the new generation of voices who understand the business of audio books and the importance of cultivating personal brands that support those of our clients. Read More

Our Services


We handle the auditioning process, ensuring that we can help find the “right” voice for every single project

Narration Roster

We foster and coach new talent so that a new generation of narrators are available to delight listeners 


Our roster of narrators have been hand-picked for their ability to bring an author’s words to life! We have the most well-known names in the


Our proofing process uses the latest in technology, as well as a team of beta listeners to quality check each and every book


Our team of engineers deliver the best quality audio, meeting industry standards


With our in-built ALC and Promo team, we offer ALC management and promo tours to our voracious romance lovers looking for their next great listen!

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